Looking Back…. Looking Forward.

It happens every year about this time. I start to realize that summer is ending and winter is coming. But before winter gets here it will be my favorite time of year Autumn. Notice I didn’t say Fall. Fall is a the time frame between summer and winter. Autumn however, is perfect tempatures that allow you to walk all day on a carpet of leaves that are still falling and not break a sweat. Its early foggy mornings over beaver ponds and its the best time of the year.

An urgency creeps in this time of year and I begin rising a little earlier in the mornings working a little longer in the evenings and generally trying to get as much accomplished as possible before the leaves start to fall and its time to get into the woods.

Each year that season kicks off with a Manitoba trip in mid September. This year will be a little different with the addition of an early teal season in Michigan for the first time in my lifetime we will be able to hunt teal starting September 1st. I intend to take full advantage of it but still the trip to Canada is the real kickoff of the season and with that in mind I spent sometime looking back over pictures of previous years trips. These following pictures are from my 2011 trip and are pictures I had never taken the time to edit and post. Hope everyone enjoys.

Duck hunting

Decoying ducks, you hold your breath.


Manitoba Decoying ducks.

Here they come.



Take um!

Take um!


Screaming Teal Across the decoys!

Screaming Teal Across the decoys!


Tumbling teal!

Tumbling teal!





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