Where have we been?

Well truth be told we have been in the UP mostly. Traveling a little to see family and this last week we spent it just a little south of Traverse City in Mayfield. Laura’s family on her Dads side is from this area and we have the opportunity each year to go back to the town with her family for the “old towners picnic”. Its all the old families getting together and telling stories along with eating some great food and pie. Its a trip I look forward to each year spending time with my Father in law and listening to stories about his childhood vacations to Mayfield. Each year we spend a little time trout fishing on his grandfathers home waters and recently my Daughter has started joining us on these trips. Adding another generation to the history of fishing for trout.

For several years I have wanted to go farther down stream and find where this little water way enters into a larger stream. This year I was able to do that and it was well worth the trip. The brown trout were hungry and three of the four I kept for supper came out of the bigger water. But I just could not resist working my way up to one of my father in laws “favorite holes” and catching one more keeper. A nice side note to that story is he put on quite a show in the 12 ” of water fighting and jumping into the sunlight before making it to my net. I cleaned and froze all four of these trout and picked a little wild mint for seasoning. I plan to cook them this week for my father in law. I would imagine its been 30 years since he had a trout dinner. Hopefully next year after retirement he will have a little more free time and can catch me dinner.

Catch and release is great but every once in a while you need to go back to your roots. The trip to Mayfield every summer is all about the family, its history and our roots. Dinner time!

Quite a bit more I could say about Mayfield Michigan but Ill leave it at that for now. One of these days Ill post up about the Adams fly and my wife’s family connection to this staple in every flyfisherman’s box.