Hello world!

Apparently its appropriate to title your first blog post hello world. So I will follow in that tradition. This site was created to give myself and my wife a way to share our adventures in the UP of Michigan with our friends and family. Since most of our recreation is outdoors related, with hunting, fishing, trapping and exploring the wilds. The majority of our posts to the blog will be about those area’s but if something else interesting comes along we will be sure to share that as well. What you wont see on this blog are tons of links to commercial products. Yes I use all sorts of gear in the field and some of it is really well built but I tire quickly of those that use the outdoors to promote themselves and the products they are pushing. You won’t find any black hoodies in the pictures nor will you find any prostaff memberships. For me hunting is about the traditions of the past and nature. The less complicated the process the better.


As a bit of a test to learn more about this process I am going to insert Madi’s decoys. I do quite a bit of decoy carving and these two were started on Madolin’s eighth birthday this year. I finished them this week and they are rigged and ready to hunt. Carved of our local white cedar and painted with oil paints I suspect they will last long enough that hopefully I will find myself sitting with Madi and my grandkids someday hunting over them.